Donation of hockey sticks

The Kiwanis Club of Port Vila is very pleased to have been able to donate over 50 hockey sticks to the Vanuatu Hockey Federation, based at Wan Smol Bag. We are excited that those hockey sticks will go to young players in the villages outside of Port Vila to help them along in the development of their sport.  Mark Stafford of Kiwanis says it is through helping young kids develop their potential in all sports that our country will grow stronger. We wish all of the kids involved in hockey in Vanuatu every success.

 Kiwanis Club of Port Vila also acknowledges our friends from Kiwanis in New Zealand who work so hard to assist us in distributing so many useful items throughout the various communities around Vanuatu. In 2015 we will have distributed school materials; furniture; and equipment as well as sporting goods worth an estimated 40,000,000vt. The program from NZ has, in the past 20 years, brought goods to Vanuatu with a notional value of over 500,000,000vt. This all falls in line with the Kiwanis motto of “Helping the Children of the World”.


Hockey stick photo 1Hockey photo 2