Gusty wind makes for fun kite flying in Rotorua



Sunday 16 October was the day designated for Roto Whenua club’s Kite flying day.

Heavy rain the day before went away and left us with a damp rugby field to play on, but the sun came out and the wind was gusty. Civil Aviation rules meant we were not supposed to fly kites above tree top level as we were near the hospital emergency helicopter base. Finding a suitable kite-flying site around Rotorua that is not on a flight path is tricky. A variety of kites were flown, ranging from the $3.00 variety to stunt kites and Kevin’s large kite, which is capable of lifting small people off the ground. Fly at your own risk. Mark Lloyd’s schooner design kite finally got in the air curtesy of a random Czech bystander and fellow kite enthusiast who saw the activity and stopped to watch.


Kevin Hollamby also brought Pork Pie (see Division 9 News – Pork Pie Rally along for an airing and sold a few more badges.



The ATC members lit the BBQ and cooked up a storm, then a reporter from the Daily Post gave us a second lot of publicity and pix-1some good photo opportunities. We will be back next year around the same time. We certainly had fun.