New interactive youth-aid website

Just five years after the first Canterbury Earthquakes struck, The Christchurch based Korowai Trust launched the first stage of its ‘world-first’ interactive youth-aid web-site. This site can be found at 298 Youth Health 

Dr. Sue Bagshaw describes the site as breaking new ground because not only does it allow clients and patients of The 298 Youth Health and Wellbeing Centre make appointments on-line, a Question and Reply section allows the doctors and counsellors at the 298 Centre to provide on-line guidance and advice.

Young people who don’t have a supportive family, a school they can belong to, or a community that values them need a youth health service more than anyone. They have the same enormous potential that other young people have; they just don’t have anyone to help them develop it. They don’t have spare cash and they need an environment that is friendly to their age and stage. This is much harder to provide in a health service that is for everyone of all ages. 

A Parents section is also being developed, as are hot-links to Government and other agencies, organisations (including Kiwanis) and on-line avenues for Job-seekers and outreach services.

Funded by Earthquake Appeal monies raised by Kiwanians and Soroptimists International of Christchurch, this website aims to provide an especially valuable and on-going resource for those suffering from the stresses and disruption brought about by the sequence of Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. These include job-losses, parental break-ups, loss of homes and accommodation, closure of schools and transport links, and even playground bullying.

Korowai Youth Well-Being Trust chairperson Sue Bagshaw has launched the new youth health website as part of their 298 Youth Health services. Negotiations are also under way to secure a site for a new health hub to help Christchurch young people.

Before the earthquakes, Korowai Youth Well-Being Trust chairwoman Dr Sue Bagshaw discussed the possibility of launching a one-stop youth hub with Actionworks Transitions Trust. The lease on the trust’s current Barbadoes St site expires in April. Bagshaw hoped to be in the proposed $10 million building next year. Her aim was to add extensions as money came in from the public and government investments. The proposed new central city hub would have transitional housing, a creative space and service providers including Work and Income. “To be healthy you need a job and you need housing. Most of young people’s health is not doctors and nurses – it’s mostly around helping people develop well. To develop well you need someone who cares about you, somewhere to belong, a skill to develop and a job. “I’ve always thought, ‘never do something on your own if you can do it with somebody else’, because there is all too much work to do for us to be battling against each other.” Bagshaw was in the middle of negotiations for a central city site for the new youth health hub. She would not say where the proposed site was while negotiations continued, but said it was within a 10 minute walk from the central city bus interchange.