VLSSS – a new project for Port Vila Kiwanis club

A new project has been undertaken by the Kiwanis Club of Port Vila, rapidly becoming one of the club’s main projects.  

Vanuatu Little Stars Summer School (VLSSS) is run at Bwatnapi Primary & Junior Secondary School on Pentecost.

The program has been running for 4 years, providing an opportunity for students to grow in confidence, acquire valuable skills and break down barriers in their learning, inspiring them to strive to achieve and continually supporting them on road to success.

In its second year of support the Kiwanis Club of Port Vila has given VU 250,000 (approx NZ $3300) for the January 2017 programme, the biggest single donation the organisation has received.

When Vanuatu’s Little Stars Summer School was founded in 2012 it’s aim was to fill a gap for school children in Vanuatu. Despite having little to go on other than a vision, there was great interest and faith. Four Anglophone schools in South Pentecost committed to join the first summer school. Parents who had never even heard of the concept of a summer school willingly agreed to let their sons and daughters leave home for a whole month, when they had never spent time away from their families. 

“I remember wondering in late 2012 whether we had bitten off more than we could chew, whether anybody would even turn up!” programme Director James Roberts said. That first school was stepping into a big unknown and exceeded all expectations.

 It’s now the end of 2016 and the school is approaching it’s fifth anniversary. Close to 100 students are expected in January 2017, a mix of the brightest Anglophone and Francophone minds across the whole of Pentecost – about 30 partner schools. The program has now been extended to year 10. It is now run by a team of 6 overseas volunteer teachers, James Roberts and his Programme Manager, along with a team of 8 local teachers. 

The organisation has come a long way since its foundation in 2012, today a well-established …. and resoundingly successful program.