Join us!

What do we do?

We voluntarily share the challenge of community improvement and leadership, assuming personal responsibility for civic projects including assistance to youth, the disadvantaged, the elderly, conservation of natural resources, development of community facilities and creation of international understanding and goodwill. If you live in one of the communities in which Kiwanis is represented and have a community service project with which Kiwanis might be able to help, we want to hear from you. All requests will be considered but projects which directly benefit young children and their families will be given more favorable consideration. We prefer projects that we can do, build or otherwise participate in rather than just providing financial assistance. Some of our community projects completed in the past three years are listed Community Service Projects page.

What do you get out of Kiwanis?

  • An opportunity to develop leadership and public speaking skills.
  • The pride of belonging to one of the finest service organizations in the world.
  • An opportunity for meeting and networking with prominent leaders in the community, nationally, and internationally.
  • The good feeling from knowing you have personally helped your community and its people.

How do I join?

Kiwanis membership is open to all individuals of good character and community standing residing in, or having other interests within, the community served by the club. We require of our members, only that they have a willingness to serve the community, attend the majority of our meetings and pay the annual dues. If you think that Kiwanis sounds like a pretty good idea and you might be interested in joining one of our club please write, call, fax or email us. We want more members and would be happy to have you visit one or more of our meetings in your community as our guest and find out first hand who we are and the type of activities that we do for the local and world communities.

What does it cost?

Dues are set by the club but are typically between NZ$50.00 and NZ$140 per year and there may be a small ($25 – $50) joining fee. The dues cover the administration of the club at the local, national and international levels. Each member gets the monthly club newsletter and a district bulletin. Most clubs have meals with their meetings. The price of the meal varies from club to club but is normally additional to the dues.

Our Meetings:

The majority of clubs in New Zealand hold their regular meetings twice every month on a week night. Clubs in other parts of the district have differing traditions and meet from once a month to four times a month. The evening meetings typically start with an informal period of socializing followed by the meal, a brief business meeting deals primarily with the organization for the various community service projects of the club. Most clubs try to have a guest speaker or some activity at each meeting. Guests are always welcome! We are proud of our organization and will happily tell you about what we are doing to build a stronger community.

Social Activities:

Most clubs have a few social activities of various sorts throughout the year. Partners and older children frequently join with us to share the fellowship and good feelings on our many worthy service projects.


Administrative funds are acquired through dues and the sale of our labor to firms and individuals. Money for service projects comes through other public fund raising and donations. These funds are strictly separated and well accounted for.

Want to join the team?

Now that you know what Kiwanis is all about, wouldn’t you be proud to be a member of this great service organization? If you would like more information about the Kiwanis organization, or would like a leader from your nearest club contact you, please complete the form below: