District Scholarship


2016 Key Club Scholarship winner Deepal Prasad with Kiwanis Key Club Advisor John Bell and Papatoetoe High School Faculty Advisor Keshna Raju. Deepal is the president of the PHS Key Club.

Key Club Scholarship – NZSP District

 The object of the scholarship is to recognize the service and devotion of a Key Club member to the objects of Key Club.

  Basic Procedure :

  • At their May meeting, the district board of trustees will ratify the amount of the scholarship for the year (normally NZ$2000).
  • The Service Leadership Program chairman will solicit applications for best Key Club from all Key Club advisors.
  • The applications received will be evaluated and the best Key Club selected.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to a member of the best Key club. 

  Selection of the Best Key Club :

       The criteria by which the best Key Club will be judged are :

  • Membership growth of the club (in numbers)
  • Good attendance at meetings (in %)
  • Good member participation in the club’s projects and activities (in %)
  • Funds raised by the club for their service projects and donations (in NZ$)
  • Service donations made by the club (in NZ$).

      NOTE :  The school year begins in September and ends in June in French Polynesia, therefore the evaluation of the Key Club will be done on the 8 months to the end of April.  The school year begins on 15 February and ends on the 15 December in New Zealand and New Caledonia, so evaluation of the club will be done on activities of their Key Club from August through December of the previous year (5 months) and from February to the end of April of the current year (3 months).

The district governor and the Service Leadership Program chairman select the best Key Club in the district . This Key Club is notified that the scholarship money for the year will be allocated to them to be paid to the winning Key Club member.

Selection of the Key Club Member to Receive the Scholarship :

The Kiwanis Key Club advisor and the School Key Club advisor of the winning school select the Key Club member student to receive the scholarship using the following criteria :

  • Growth (sponsoring of new members)
  • Leadership
  • Attendance by the member at meetings of the Key Club                
  • The member’s participation in the activities of the Key Club
  • Behaviour and scholastic results.

The scholarship money must be donated to a single Key Club member with the intention that the money will be used to further the student’s continuing education.  The scholarship money may NOT be used by the Key Club for any other purpose and may NOT be split between multiple members.  The Key Cub advisors will inform the Service Leadership Program chairman of the name and payment details for the winning student.

Presentation :

      If possible, the scholarship should be presented the district convention.