Division 11 News – Sept 2015

Waimairi Club Closes

On Saturday 6 June 1992 was the Charter night of the KIWANIS CLUB OF WAIMAIRI at the Russley Golf Club, 428 Memorial Avenue, Christchurch. They were sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Northlands and the Director of Field Operations Asia-Pacific, Korath C. Norin.

Charter members were: Brenda Ball, Betty Bowen, Rhondda Boxall, Gina Crosbie, Carol Cochrane, Sherril Connor, Marie Irvine, Joy Howell, Will Lance, Lynne Lulham, Melva Luney, Elizabeth Thomas, Freda McIlroy, Margaret Mattson, Gay Milne, Rochelle Naysmith, Margaret Pester, Mary Stevenson, Linda Sumner, Robin Taylor, Celia Topping, Jennie Williams.

Some 23 years later, the club will close at the end of the 2014/15 year with nine members remaining, four of whom are Charter members.

Over the years the Waimairi ladies club has achieved a lot in its service to the children of Christchurch and the world, and should be very proud of its efforts.

Governor-Elect Megan Allan wrote:

Greetings to the ladies of the Waimairi Club

Whilst it is sad that your club will close its doors at the end of this Kiwanis year, it is heartening to know that you have made a great difference in the Christchurch community over the last 23 years. You have done so many worthwhile projects, been a part of the Christchurch Kiwanis family and some of you have served in District positions too. That is a whole lot of community service hours!

You have a proud history as a club, and although some of you are leaving the Kiwanis family, it is fantastic that a small group of you are staying on as a satellite of North West Christchurch. It will be different, but this is an exciting time to be in Kiwanis, as we head into our second century of service.

For those of you who are leaving the club, I wish you well in your new pursuits, and for the rest I look forward to seeing you again soon. Your 100 year celebration was such fun I can’t wait to come back to Christchurch!


div11-batteriesKiwanis Power Library

The Kiwanis Club of Christchurch recently presented to the Special Needs library an assortment of batteries to power their toys and other specialised equipment.

Also the library received a cheque from the NZ Kiwanis Foundation to purchase a specific item requested by Charlotte Ganderton, the Resource Advisor.


Photo: Charlotte Ganderton receiving the batteries from Nick Atkins, Christchurch Kiwanis.


div11-chch-clubChristchurch Club recently held a club meeting at “STAND For Children” (previously known as Glenelg Children’s Health Camp)

The amazing new purpose built facility replacing the old building damaged by the earthquakes. Outside and below the building is this new magnificent play area. A new netball court below complements this area.