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SEAL ONLYThe New Zealand South-Pacific District Foundation Trust (Reg No. CC20665) is a charitable trust set up by the New Zealand-South Pacific District of Kiwanis International for the advancement of assistance of education aspects.

Kiwanis is a global organisation of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

The Trust

The NZ-SP District Kiwanis Foundation Trust was established by the New Zealand District of Kiwanis International in 1981 for the advancement or assistance of education, provided that the public at large will benefit.

Objects of the Trust

The income generated from the trust funds shall be applied towards the establishment and support of educational institutions of all kinds, funds to learned societies for the education of special classes or persons and instruction in special subjects provided always that the public at large will benefit and that the applications of the trust fund are of a public nature.

A 2015 grant was given to the Special Needs Library in Christchurch for children to sit in while they read A 2015 grant was given to the Special Needs Library in Christchurch for children to sit in while they read

How to apply

An application form should be completed for each applicant and be sent to the District Chairperson, Kiwanis Foundation in time to meet the deadline of 30 April each yer. An explanation must be made to the relevance of the grant in the public context taking into account the fact that an educational goal may be for sporting, cultural, academic or professional achievement.

Application forms or copies are available from Kiwanis clubs or from the District Chairperson, Kiwanis Foundation  Contact Person, NZ-SP District Foundation

Who is eligible for a grant?

Any member of the public may make an application to the District Kiwanis Foundation.  An organisation, if it satisfies the criteria of an educational institution or is providing educational facilities or tuition, may also make an application for a grant.

Applicants do not need to be Kiwanians or in any way connected with the Kiwanis organisation but must be sponsored by a Kiwanis Club.

When are the grants made?

Applications for grants close on 30 April each year (or as advised).

Soon after that date a meeting of the Foundation trustees will consider all applications submitted and will allocate grants according to the merits of each applicant. All applicants will be advised of the result of their application and announcements of the selected recipients will be made at the Kiwanis Annual Convention which is held in late August or early September each year.

How is the Kiwanis Foundation administered?

The District Kiwanis Foundation is administered and controlled by a trust board of six trustees.  The trustees are all Kiwanians and are appointed or elected by the Kiwanis District organisation.

Keep the Foundation Trust Alive

Kiwanis New Zealand-South Pacific District Kiwanis Foundation Trust – Reg CC20665

Have you considered a bequest to the Kiwanis Foundation in your Will? Please consider and consult your lawyer or estate planner to have a clause such as the following included in your will.

Foundation Donation

To be used for general purposes AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the secretary/treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and final discharge to my trustees who shall not be bound to see to its application.

Your consideration would be appreciated for the benefit of the children of the future.